Day 12?

7 Aug

…it more like day 1.  Eesh!  That’s right, today I caved on my no TV watching and busted out the Caliou on PBS.  You see, we have some BIG changes happening in our house.  My girl is potty training!!  On Monday I decided it was time to really start working on this.  She has shown that she is ready and flirted with the idea many times so I declared it “potty training boot camp week” so to speak.  In other words, we have stayed home mostly, I’ve kept her in underwear or bare when she isn’t sleeping or out of the house, and then I just encourage her to sit on the potty several times a day.  The first day we had 4 accidents but also 2 successes.  Yesterday we had major meltdowns regarding the toilet and I thought she might be heading towards a major regression but today she turned it around with no accidents and she has been requesting to use the potty on her own!

The oddest emotion came across me this morning.  I was sitting on the couch nursing my 3 month old son watching my daughter run around the house in big-girl undies and realized we are basically done with diapers for her.  From here on out it’s just training pants, underwear, etc.. Just a week ago I was changing her diaper still wondering if this day would ever come and dreading it wouldn’t (LOL), and now a part of me is sad!  My BABY is growing up!!

As to why this had to wreck my 30 day (no TV) challenge?  I did the “bad mommy” thing and bribed her with a show to get her to sit on the potty when it was obvious she needed to go and she was avoiding going because she was too wrapped up in what she was doing.  I was also very sleep deprived from 2 back-to-back rough nights.  Levi is nursing a lot more right now and I suspect we are on the verge of teething.  It seems entirely too soon for this but he’s showing all the signs of a teether.  Ugh…my kiddos are all growing up on me!

So, tomorrow we start anew with no TV.  Perhaps a 7-day challenge is in order and we go from there 😉


[Day 1.]

26 Jul

Today started out great in the world of no television.  We explained to Mirabelle what we decided regarding our new “no TV for 30 days” rule.  She definitely threw a classic fit about it at first, but we stood our ground and suggested we read a book instead.  She tried to act totally uninterested at first, but she couldn’t hold out for long.  The truth is, “reading” books is one of her favorite things to do. (When things get “dangerously” quiet in the back of the house I’ll sneak back to her room to find her thumbing through a pile of books most often.)  We read to her The Bernstain Bears “Too Much TV” which we found quite fitting for the occasion.

We didn’t have anything too out of the ordinary going on to launch our TV ban.  Church, lunch, and nap time too a good chunk of the first half of the day.  Then we spent the rest having a Michael Jackson dance party, playing with our train set, and building legos.  This evening we had dinner at our in-laws and then called it a night with a book before bed.

She only asked to watch the television once this evening and we didn’t get a lot of complaining when we reminded her about the 30-day challenge so I’d say we are off to a good start!

So happy together..

My 30 Day Challenge!

26 Jul

For the last couple months (or more) we have been watching A LOT of TV both with and without the kids.  I knew it would become a more regular fixture in our lives after Levi’s birth depending on what kind of healing I would go through.  So, given that I had to endure a very long and painful 6 week C-section recovery, needless to say, we have been using the TV as a convenient extra “pair of hands”.  As a result, I have noticed a very big change in Mirabelle and I don’t like it.  Not to mention, she used to understand clearly our boundaries with TV watching as far as she was concerned (it was an occasional treat and we would only watch a short-lived program).  Now we have been watching streaming Netflix and my husband sadly introduced her to Barney – she wants to watch that freakin’ dinoasaur around the clock!!  And, if she’s not watching him, she’s singing the songs.

For a little over a week now DH and I have been discussing how we can phase out the TV watching; not just for Mirabelle but for all of us.  What I have decided is to challenge myself to 30 days of TV detox for me and my daughter.  Starting Sunday our days will be filled with play, learning, nature, music, art, cooking, and general discovery of the wonder that is this creation and all that is good!

This past week I started skimming back through my copies of “I Love Dirt” and “The Creative Family” for great ideas for how we can spend our time together during the weeks.  I going to write a plan for each day these 30 days and hope it will create some good patterns so that this eventually becomes second nature and we don’t need a written plan to tell us “today we are going on a rock hunt!” or “playing in the mud can be fun and who cares if it’s messy..”.  I have big plans for planting a butterfly garden, picnicking at a few local hotspots we have NEVER been, and much more.

The end result in sight is that we would all become less depended on media to entertain us and begin to enjoy natural life in it’s most simplest forms.  I want my daughter to discover what an amazing and creative being she is as well as stand in awe of the beauty of God’s biggest and smallest, amazing creations and learn to enjoy them more.

So, here we go…

A brief (recent) history.

8 Jul

So I’ve to speak!  After repiticious blog breaks and writers blocks, I realized it was time for a fresh start somewhere new.  First I needed to establish what the heck I wanted to even write about in the first place!  Not to mention, finding time with now TWO kids in the mix is not going to be easy but I think it will be good for me!

So, a quick catch up of what’s been going on since my last post left on my former site:

Baby #2 made his appearence on May 4th (born @42 weeks- weighing 6lbs 14 oz, 20.5 in. long) and his name is Levi Haddon.  We are so in love and his big sister is totally smitten!  She is doing great with the transition for the most part.  Jealousy have arose surrounding my breastfeeding her brother and babywearing.  In general, I think she is having trouble with how much handling Levi gets in comparison to her.  Sadly, I ended up with yet another c-section (meaning the VBAC didn’t happen) so I couldn’t pick up Mirabelle (my daughter) for 6 weeks or hold her in my lap because of the incision pain.  The day I was released by OB was a big day for both of us in our household…I missed holding my girl! (I will write more about the birth story and surrounding events in a following post)

Breastfeeding is going so much better this time around.  We had a direct latch and he hasn’t really had any problems since.  I think this has made the emotional recovery from the c-section a lot easier than the first.  Even though its still been overwhelming, grieving the loss of my VBAC, its very encouraging to have something go right and make me feel like I know what I’m doing and my body doesn’t COMPLETELY hate me!

A couple of weeks ago, my DH, Levi, and I were able to go on our first vacation together with our church planting network to Vail, Colorado.  The weather was amazing and the scenery was gorgeous!  Our daughter stayed with her grandparents while we were gone the 4 days.  When we got back, that weekend we gathered to celebrate my daughter Mirabelle’s 3rd Birthday!  I can’t believe my baby girl is 3.

This year may have not turned out the way I was expecting it to but its still been great and I have two beautiful healthy kiddos that I thank God for every day!

Mirabelle cuddling her new baby brother at the hospital.

Me and Levi in Recovery